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Glad to see you here. We are a community of vloggers, bloggers, podcasters, illustrators, influencers, streamers, photographers, videographers… and help those who make digital stories aim higher. Care to join?

Chase Community

Why you would want to join

There are workshops, creator talks and network events. Lots of them. And they're completely free.

All kinds of (freelance) gigs and jobs can be found on our forum.

Masses of tips & tricks for creators.

And you work with people who are in the same boat.

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What they say

My creator talk for Chase was a very enjoyable experience. Their cosy office was filled with enthusiastic students and creators with whom I had a personal vibe. There was a lot of interaction between myself and the audience, super cool!

Milan Cools

Videographer of Average Rob and others

My experience with Chase started from this year! They are a multi diverse platform community that wants to help and support young people with chasing their dreams, becoming/being best version of themselves, but also bringing this to fruition in the right and proper way. Not only do they bring to light the best content/ tips and tricks, but also give you and me the platform to do the same within your niche! 

Amélie Ngira

Stylist, Art Director & Content Creator

It was quite an honor for me to share my vision with other creators. I was immediately a fan of the concept and the ideas and the vision of Chase. And then when I also heard how the young people in turn benefit tremendously from this community, I have great confidence in the added value that Chase brings to the new generation of creatives."

Kenny Deuss

Creator OnAdventureWithDad

I find it very nice and inspiring that Chase provides a safe space for young people in the audiovisual industry. From networking to information and advice; content creators can go to your online platforms for various things. And I'm happy to be a part of it! :) 

Tanya Nyanguile

Podcast maker

My latest collab was as a guest on the podcast 'Rebels With A Cause' by Chase and VUB. That was a really fun experience. We talked about racism and decolonization and the content around it was also cool! Platforms like Chase to inspire young people and creatives are very important. I look forward to our next collaboration.

Remy Ndow

Creative Digital Artist

Chase is an ideal opportunity for me to learn and share knowledge and experience. I have ended up in a community of like minded creatives who help each other and genuinely want to see success in what they do. An added motivation, fun project and a plus to my portfolio. 

Tom Desplechin

Creative Director, Content Creator & Visual Storyteller


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