6 x making money online with social media: the best tips for content creators in Flanders

October 2, 2023
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6 x making money online with social media: the best tips for content creators in Flanders
You can also earn money with social media in Flanders. Do you live for the likes and do you want to make your profession out of digital content creator or influencer? In this blog you will discover 6 ways to generate a passive or non-passive income from your online passion.

An important part of this is to diversify your income. That is, you combine multiple strategies rather than relying on a single income stream. That way, should one fall away, you can fall back on a sound financial foundation.


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TIP: become a member of Chase Community, the hub for Flemish and Brussels creators. You can always go there for free workshops or advice on digital creativity.

But first: build your community

To make money online with social media, you must first build a strong and authentic presence as a digital creator or influencer. Choose a niche that is totally your thing and create engaging content on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, ... or your own blog. Feel free to take inspiration from your favorite creators and influencers!

Also, use this time to hone your skills through YouTube tutorials, paid platforms like Skillshare and, of course, our free Chase workshops. By continuing to post consistently, grow a community of loyal followers who take an interest in what you have to say.

Although this first step requires a lot of work, by doing so you lay the foundation for the next steps.

Collaborating with brands and sponsors

The more followers, the greater the interest of brands to work with you. This is also one of the most popular ways to make money with social media. Here, for example, you promote products or services in exchange for a fee.

Important: collaborate only with brands that match your values and interests. Otherwise, you risk losing your credibility - read: your fans.

Is there an influencer platform in Flanders?

Yes! Through an influencer platform like Ghent-based Influo where you can pitch on campaign proposals from brands looking for creators to promote their products. Are you selected as a digital content creator or influencer? Influo's integrated payment system ensures that you get paid quickly.

Moreover, you can come here even with a modest number of followers: Influo welcomes creators as low as 1,000 followers.

In connection with price negotiations another tip: If companies come to you you are in a favorable position and can more easily propose a price yourself, if you go to companies yourself you are more likely to be in a subordinate position and they are more likely to determine the fee. Also make sure that you always work with a contract and that you have a chance to review that contract before starting the job.


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Make sure you are legally compliant!

In Belgium, it is also important to make it clear that your post is "branded content. At the beginning of your copy or legibly in the image, make sure you mention: 'advertisement', 'publicity', 'advertising'. If you have a foreign-language audience, you can use 'advertising'/'advertisement'.

For more guidance on the rules you must follow when collaborating with brands, please visit our Influencer FAQ.

Take advantage of Affiliate marketing

Making money online is also perfectly possible through affiliate marketing. Here you integrate so-called affiliate links into your content: when someone buys a product or service through your link, you earn a pre-agreed percentage or amount.

Even in Belgium, you can join several affiliate programs and networks such as Bol, Amazon Associates and TradeTracker. Make sure you are transparent about the fact that it is an affiliate link so that your audience is aware.

Generating passive income from advertising

Once your reach is large enough, you can also generate passive income through the ads your followers see. On Facebook, this can be done through in-stream ads: short ads that can be displayed before, during or after videos.

In addition, YouTube offers a partner program for digital content creators. Once you are part of that program, you can earn money online with both ads and YouTube Premium subscriptions.

Sell online or start membership

Of course, as a content creator, you can also sell your own products or services online! Think of digital products such as e-books, templates, online courses, exclusive content or merchandise. Or maybe you are the perfect person to offer online coaching?

In addition, it can be interesting to offer a paying membership. Through a platform such as Patreon, you offer your fans exclusive access to your expertise and knowledge. Undoubtedly an added value to your niche ... and an interesting way to make money online.

As mentioned earlier, YouTube also offers a channel membership these days. In addition, you can earn a passive income through the YouTube affiliate program. Or sell your products and receive donations from your fans.

TIP: if you sell online in Belgium, you must follow the "distance selling" rules. Being well informed is the message!

Apply for a scholarship or grant

As a content creator, you can apply for various grants, subsidies and other forms of funding in Flanders. Useful for those who do not yet make any (or little) money online, or want to invest in a larger project. Some examples:

  • The Flemish Audiovisual Fund (Vaf) supports films, series, podcasts, games and interactive work.
  • Sabam offers scholarships for podcast series and web series. Writing and submitting a grant application can be quite challenging. If you've never applied for a grant or scholarship before, it's best to get guidance from someone who does have experience with it.
  • Join our Chase Creator Community and always stay up to date on the latest grant opportunities.

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Freelance jobs for Chase Agency

Our Chase Agency is always looking for creative creators for various projects and brands. Interested in a possible collaboration? Send us a quick note!

Finally, always stay true to yourself and your audience, and remember that success takes time and consistency. We wish you continued success in your digital career!