Attractive newsletter content for Joyn

January 1, 2021
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Attractive newsletter content for Joyn
Joyn connects and activates people in urban areas through the Joyn client card. We enjoy working with Joyn because we are always looking for brands that can bring positive change to society.

The goal

We both believe that when people are connected to a community, the city will prosper more. Through this engaging newsletter content, we want to inspire the Joyn user community in all the places the map can take them. By telling stories about local business owners, we want people to store more consciously and in their own neighborhoods.

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Our social story

We engage local writers, often from our Chase community, and enable them to write stories about the places they love. We provide two newsletters with engaging newsletter content each month, one in Flanders and one in Wallonia. We often give the writers some initial ideas, but also give them room to write in their own creativity. Our account manager Dina comments on this, "In this project, I really notice that talented people are much more motivated if you give them some artistic freedom. Take for example the story underneath, the beautiful illustrations were all the writer's idea!"

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The result 

The average May and June newsletter opening rate we did for Joyn was 23%, which is well above the 15% average rate for e-coupons newsletter. 

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