Brand storytelling and social media management for Belgian television station Fox TV

January 1, 2021
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Brand storytelling and social media management for Belgian television station Fox TV
Fox TV is the television channel for series in Belgium. They bring us exciting and famous titles such as The Walking Dead, Deep State, Legion and Atlanta. Since February 2018, we have been helping Fox TV build their online brand community in Belgium. We do this through social strategy as well as social media management for Fox TV Belgium's Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels.

Our social story

Working with a multinational brand requires a high-level strategy. It is also exciting to work with more than ten social agencies from across Europe on one product. We help Fox TV Belgium move towards an "always on" strategy where the audience is always triggered. This instead of a succession of temporary campaigns preceding new series.

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Valerie, our social media manager for Fox TV Belgium moderates the online discussions. She also makes sure the brand is always present in the most relevant social feeds. In our social media management, we focus on the social element of watching series. This is how we strengthen the brand community and develop a personal bond with the convinced FOX TV viewer.

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