Chase Creative becomes Chase Agency

May 8, 2023
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Chase Creative becomes Chase Agency
Sometimes things become clearer the more you do them. Over 10 years ago, Chase started as a platform for hip-hop and urban culture. Sven and Jan launched Chase Creative on top of that six years ago. That then became Chase Music, Chase Verses, Chase Academy ... And in the long run, that all became a bit much.

So. time for a rebranding! Starting today, we are "Chase" in everything we do.

Not just the music world but àll digital content creators will have a central role at that new Chase. We are a place where all kinds of digital talent comes together (hello, digital creator!). And where creating together leads to better results and more personal growth.

  • There is the Agency: This is where we create digital marketing that means business. In social media, podcasts and tech campaigns.
  • And there is the Community: our family of digital creators, on the road to creative freedom.

An agency that offers clients the freshness and know-how of creators who are in the middle of their niche, on top of the strategic finesse we already have here. With that team of client + in-house experts + digital creators, we create stories that last and make impact. Stories that transcend the algorithm because they bring people together. 

A community that presents young creators with options to learn, help develop themselves and other talent and - yes - earn more. But in complete creative freedom. 

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This also includes a new mission with a new brand, a new logo, a new styling, a website for all activities… A solid piece of work on which we spent a long time with the whole team, a whole group of creators and partners. We would like to thank them explicitly for all their hard work.

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