Collagen and DNA for skin rejuvenation: how Chase strengthens Nomige's e-commerce game

February 5, 2024
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Collagen and DNA for skin rejuvenation: how Chase strengthens Nomige's e-commerce game
Everyone wants a beautiful skin. And they know that all too well at Nomige. Indeed, the premium skincare brand with grand ambitions has one goal in mind: to make successful women of all ages shine. In their range of skincare, no unpronounceable ingredients or long step-by-step plans, but high-quality cosmetics for visible rejuvenation.

Ambitious, luxurious, and now on social media 

And they can prove it, because every product is made with insight and knowledge in science. You may have already tried their best-selling product: a collagen drink that firms up your skin from the inside out. If you want, Nomige can even create products based on your unique DNA. Turning back the clock? Peau problemo

That Nomige's high-end cosmetics work, that much is certain. But the team wants to excel where their potential customers can be found: on social media. And to stand out, a sophisticated social and advertising strategy that appeals to the target audience and fully reflects the brand is a must: enter Chase

A strategic approach to show off

As it so happens, we're the ideal partner to make it work. Together with a team of niche creators and experts, we worked out a strong digital strategy and content mix to launch the collaboration. And with success. Nomige's social media profiles are getting a thorough makeover with a new visual style and copywriting. We're also rolling out a completely new campaign funnel. One that keeps converting more. 

Nomige likes to highlight a skincare product every month, and we can make that happen. On Google and Meta, we provide smart campaigns that easily reach a new target group. This way, Nomige's luxury products get the attention they deserve. With our eyes on the target of increasing sales, of course. 


Fewer wrinkles and more self-confidence. With flying colors, because the results of our thorough intervention are there. In 5 months, 76% more skincare products crossed the virtual counter, the number of loyal customers doubled and our Meta ads achieve a ROAS score of up to 20. Or in simple terms: with every euro invested, Nomige made a 20x increase in sales. Ka-ching!

Progress is also being made on social media. With a consistent feed and clear style, each video gets an average of 1-5K views organically. The approach is simple: show what the customer really wants to see and know. We (re)evaluate the content strategy monthly to make sure we keep scoring. This is how we help in the ambition to make every skin shine. 

The campaign achieves its goals without any scarring. It shows that with a well-founded strategy, increasing sales is child's play. 

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