CounterScam: How to combat disinformation on social media

June 11, 2024
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 CounterScam: How to combat disinformation on social media
CounterScam is an innovative project that Chase conducted in collaboration with VRT NWS and deCheckers. This project focused on combating the spread of disinformation on social media. Watch the showcase video below where CounterScam participants share their findings:

What is CounterScam?

CounterScam aimed to connect fact checkers and journalists with creators and influencers. This collaboration gave both parties the opportunity to learn from each other's expertise while raising awareness about disinformation on social media.

We also explored new ways to counter the spread of disinformation and examined methods to successfully disseminate factchecks to the large group of young people who access the news primarily through social media.

Objectives of CounterScam

CounterScam's goals were multifaceted and ambitious:

  • Combating fake news through social media
  • Creating awareness about fake news
  • Empowering young people against fake news
  • Making creators aware of their social responsibility
  • Testing collaborative models between fact checkers and creators
  • Testing new content formats for factchecking on social media
  • Sharing our knowledge and findings

Our approach

CounterScam consisted of building a community of fact checkers and a community of creators and influencers. Both communities worked closely together to share knowledge and be more effective in their fight against disinformation.

With the Chase Community, we created social media content that raised awareness about disinformation and showed how to recognize and deal with fake news. In addition, we conducted three use cases exploring how to bring factchecks to social media. We also measured the impact of traditional factchecks versus the versions shared on social media.

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What we learned

To share all of our findings, we are currently producing a playbook consisting of six podcast episodes. In each episode, a fact checker or journalist will share their findings from the project with a creator or influencer, and vice versa.

We look forward to continuing to share our findings and continue the impact of this project.

CounterScam came about with the support of the Flemish Community.