Doctor talk deluxe: in Viatris' podcast, we give the word to the target audience

December 20, 2023
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Doctor talk deluxe: in Viatris' podcast<span>, we give the word to the target audience</span>
The folks at Viatris wanted to communicate to their niche audience of physicians and healthcare providers that they do more than produce pharmaceuticals. They see the service behind the product. The human behind the medical. And it's okay to see more of that.

Houston, they had a problem

With that mission, we set to work. How do you grab the attention of busy doctors? How do you make them understand that you don't want to push products, but share stories? And how do you bring warmth and humanity into that somewhat cold medical world? Well, we know how.

Chase-ing solutions

We quickly understood that human connection had to be central to our strategy. That there had to be room for authentic, personal conversations. Not about the latest pharmaceuticals, but about the things that concern doctors every day, from work-life balance to running a practice. Time is precious and doctors and social workers are always busy. So the choice for a podcast was quickly made. A medium with opportunity. It gives them the opportunity to find an extra touchpoint outside their work environment, in their free time and unconstrained. 

With our community of creators, we brainstormed a format. We consciously chose not to have just any host, but a general practitioner as the host. Because by letting the target group speak for themselves, we automatically create an authentic, recognizable and familiar atmosphere for listeners. And to further enhance the effect of the podcast, we created a broader campaign around it. Video adds an extra dimension—and an extra personal touch—and provides teasers and snippets to share on the channels the target audience likes and uses. Not just on socials, but also while surfing the internet.

We were able to reuse quotes from the conversations in posts and stories, on the website and in print. And thanks to our data, we could keep tweaking our method to create as much engagement as possible. Ah, the power of numbers. 

A telling result

"Komt een arts bij de dokter" became an 8-part podcast addressing broad questions around general wellness and practice management in an in-depth and personal way. Experienced general practitioner Charlotte Goemaere talks with fellow doctors Marieke Geijsels, Ellen Vlaeyen and Thomas Pattyn. Together they talk about their daily struggles, their tricks to always find happiness and their systems to manage their practices. Each episode discusses a new main topic, carefully selected in advance. 

The result? Engaging, timeless stories and discussions about the still waters of the heart and head. By doctors, for doctors. For Viatris, this also means: evergreen content that will be listened to and visited for years to come. And that, in turn, is an ideal way to connect with their target audience, gain their trust and build a community in the long run. Less pharma, more karma. Because what really matters to Viatris is adding value to listeners' lives.


  • Strategy: Jan D'hont
  • Production: Hanne Penninck, Hanne van Vlaenderen
  • Editor & edit: Hanne Penninck, Hanne van Vlaenderen, Pieter Blomme
  • Story coach: Pieter Blomme
  • Video: Rune Nollet
  • Recording & mix: Wederik de Backer
  • Host: Charlotte Goemaere
  • Research & Expertise: Thomas Pattyn, Marieke Geijsels, Ellen Vlaeyen