For All Your Belgian Vibes: a localization campaign for Zalando

January 10, 2024
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For All Your Belgian Vibes: a localization campaign for Zalando
Zalando's SS23 campaign "For All Your Vibes" is an ode to diversity, individuality and self-expression. To resolutely doing your own thing. Because why pigeonhole yourself when you have so many different vibes to choose from? You do you. And what that is can be different every day, Zalando believes.

What's the problem?

That in itself is, of course, an universal message. Style has no boundaries. Still, it was important to make this campaign locally relevant to the Belgian market. To appeal to a niche target group—young Belgians between 25 and 45—Zalando came to Chase.

The Chase way

We obviously know very well how and where to reach young Belgians. We are young Belgians ourselves, and we have a whole community of local creators that we enjoy working with a lot. So it was very clear that social ads were the way to go, with TikTok leading the way.

Together with the Zalando team and popular Belgian creators, we mapped out a local strategy. This was co-creation at its best, because everyone was able to bring their expertise and creativity to the table. Together we translated the cool, open-minded vibe of the global campaign into a Belgian tone of voice and created a social media ad campaign for TikTok, YouTube and Meta. We managed to seamlessly weave the authentic look and feel of TikTok with the clean style of Zalando. And that is how we created content in this campaign that completely fits the Belgian streetwear communities.

With a solid team of more than 30 experts, we created both vertical and horizontal video content—with a shoot on location as the icing on the cake. Zalando is all about self-expression, and so we made sure that the creators we worked with had the freedom to show their authentic selves. This was also reflected in the choice of music and styling. Unpolished, delightfully real and above all: with loads of Belgitude.

From global to local ... and back again

With success, as it turns out. We spoke the language of the streetwear community and received praise. They flocked to the Zalando website. The campaign also created a lot of buzz on TikTok, YouTube and Meta. A few ads did so well that they were used in other countries and markets, and one was even picked up by the global team. And so we came full circle. From Belgium to the world.


Strategy, concept and project management: Chase - Elke Cossey, Annelies Droesbeke, Sven De Coninck, Jan D'hont

Video: Les Mecs - Jesse Vander Meersch, Jasper Flikschuh

Directed by Dimitri Sterkens

DOP: Dries Vanderaerden

Photography: Thomas Ost