The ABCs of the www: Chase helps develop an online campaign from Mediawise

January 1, 2024
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The ABCs of the www: Chase helps develop an online campaign from Mediawise
That we are all online, that much is certain. With our technological devices, we easily find our way through the virtual jungle. But that obviousness is not a reality for many people of all age groups. Especially not for children and adolescents. And so a campaign about proper guidance in the digital world arises.

Digital gaps and pitfalls

From search engines, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence. You can do and learn a lot with the digital world. But knowing how to deal with technology or knowing where danger lurks is no easy task. Children and adolescents in particular are riddled with gaps and hugely susceptible to pitfalls. A post, photo or video on social media can pose a lot of dangers. After all, not everything you see or read online can be believed. This is why it is hugely important to properly support those age groups in particular. 

Inclusion is also important, as many vulnerable young people find that their digital skills are low. And with the rapid advances in technology in our society, they certainly shouldn't be left behind. But how do you make sure everyone finds their way online? 

Managing online learning

That young age groups can use quite a bit of help, with that we can move forward. And that's why we like to target supervisors in youth services. After all, they are their first point of contact. But how do you make sure the appropriate information gets to the young people? The Chase solution? A huge production with sophisticated scripts and a lot of great content. Ten topics, from sexting to fake news, two presenters, and a lot of experts who explain the shared information - all in the context of media literacy and available on the Mediacoach training platform. 


With this online content, we provide a series of videos to show off-handy informative tools for youth leaders and young people to make great strides in their digital adventure. And so we're bringing everyone into the story. Because connectivity, it's not just about the Internet, it's also about inclusion and knowledge. Want to learn more yourself? Surf to