How Bomboclat survived an uncertain festival year

January 1, 2021
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How Bomboclat survived an uncertain festival year
After centuries of Covid hibernation (at least it felt that way), the world quietly reopened. The summer of 2021 looked significantly different from that of 2020. Festivals were preparing to emerge from their cocoons, often with innovative concepts and limited attendance. Dancehall & Afrobeats festival Bomboclat was one of those festivals making their long-awaited comeback.

Keeping the festival community alive during a pandemic

Monthly results on social media showed that followers were trickling away early this year. Partly because there was no clarity on whether the festival would be able to go on. Of course, a festival without an audience doesn't last long. This meant it was crucial to maintain some level of enthusiasm on social media despite the uncertainty inherent in this Covid year.

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Chase developed a new strategy to keep loyal Bomboclat followers engaged. This was done through engaging community posts that capitalized on topical issues, positive emotions and a sense of belonging. Through this fluid change in content strategy, Chase was able to keep the community alive. Community management was key and it took a big dose of adaptability.

Chase Stage and young talent

This summer the festival was finally able to take place again. Chase Music was also there again with a healthy dose of young talent. On the one hand, there was young talent gracing our Chase Music Stage. The lineup included Eddy Ape, Miss Angel and Yung Mavu: three already pretty established names in the Belgian hip-hop scene. They were accompanied by a bevy of DJs who gave their all to whip up the crowd. On the other hand, creative talents could also be found behind and in front of the stage. Volunteers, freelancers, interns but also the permanent team of Chase Music were busy capturing the whole event and making sure everything ran smoothly. This resulted in a series of photos, Instagram Reels, live Instagram story reportage and an aftermovie.

It doesn't stop after the summer

The collaboration between Chase and DO vzw, the organizers of Bomboclat, continues. On Tuesday, October 19, we held a social media management workshop in their offices in Bruges. In addition, we continue to build interesting collaborations in other areas. Keep an eye on the socials of DO vzw and Chase to stay informed about future projects!

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