How Chase is empowering Fietsersbond to put everyone on a bike

January 1, 2024
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How Chase is empowering Fietsersbond to put everyone on a bike
In a city where people are always on the move, you quickly get lost in the countless ghost traffic jams, train delays, and road works. A means of transportation that still gets you from A to B smoothly? The bicycle—a handlebar, saddle, and two wheels with which you stay on the move without frustration.

Biking in the social media landscape 

Fietsersbond, a charity that stands up for all cyclists throughout Flanders and Brussels, wants to make cycling a basic need and helps 392,000 families who don't have a bicycle to their own steel steed. We all know that cycling is healthy, but not everyone wants to step on the pedals in the morning. Three in 10 Flemings who have a bike only use it on a regular basis. The weekly news reports of traffic accidents involving cyclists don't help increase the numbers. And yet having an active lifestyle is part of many people's resolutions every year. 

So how can you still promote cycling as the healthiest and most sustainable means of transportation? For that, you need to know how to reach people. Create a positive image and make cycling top-of-mind? Let us be just the perfect tandem buddy to make that happen. 

Hitting the road 

Reaching the right people with the right message starts with research and knowledge. Before we bring out all our creativity, we opt for a thorough analysis of the desired goals, the different target groups and the most effective formats. And we include everyone in our ride: members of Fietsersbond, cyclists and policy makers. In short, we put together a social content plan with a successful campaign in mind. 

The pleasure of biking 

Plan of action? Check. But one social medium is not the other, which is why we choose to campaign on both Meta and LinkedIn. That way we ensure targeted content on each feed. And the formats? Brought to life in collaboration with a creator. She went all-in on cycling content: from challenges and fun bike rides to behind-the-scenes at Fietsersbond. All to show how much enjoyment you get when you leave the car in the garage. A successful campaign with lots of fun content. And so we continue the course towards the finish line.