How to launch an IDO in Web3 and successfully grow a sustainable community

March 7, 2023
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How to launch an IDO in Web3 and successfully grow a sustainable community
Tokens are the bread and butter of any Web3 project. Even though the cryptocurrency market became more regulated, there is still a high demand for new projects to enter the market. Are you just as curious as to why Web3 community driven projects want to engage users to generate liquidity?

Symbiosis Finance is a decentralized finance platform where users could exchange tokens using other people's liquidity. Moreso, Symbiosis would enable token swaps between different protocols (specifically addressing industry interoperability issues) by aggregating liquidity from multiple decentralized exchanges. Symbiosis Finance is one of the first protocols to use DeFi interoperability, allowing users to swap across any blockchain.

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How do you prepare for an IDO campaign? 

Symbiosis Finance contacted Chase to create a plan to help the platform capitalize on the DeFi boom. They wanted to launch an IDO (Initial Exchange Offering) that would allow them to sell tokens through a decentralized exchange. Imagine an IDO as the equivalent of an IPO, only with less regulation because it is in crypto. 

The goal of the project was to create a brand around Symbiosis; helping to structure a good brand guide that would fit the existing trend in DeFi of 2021. The same brand guide was applied to all communication channels on social media. It was used to create brand awareness and synergy between DeFi platforms and the high audience response to mascot branding.

As Chase, we are known for our ability to turn complicated messages into simple and emotional stories. We were able to successfully apply the same processes to the Symbiosis Finance campaign.

We wanted to communicate with DeFi and Web3 communities by guiding followers and potential users through a complete story, from the initial awareness phase to the conversion/IDO phase and beyond. Our scope was to use organic and paid channels to communicate the story of Symbiosis Finance.

How we planned and executed the Symbiosis Finance Marketing Plan 

Symbiosis Finance needed an overhaul of its current branding. It was the first piece of the puzzle needed to then effectively communicate with Web3 audiences by using social media content as our top-of-the-funnel magnet. 

We created content for social media using the new branding for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, while also using community managers to communicate with new members and ensure they were onboarded appropriately. In addition, we used a combination of dynamic and static posts for social media that would be effective and meet the algorithm's requirements.

For the IDO campaign, we created a mix of paid and organic content while also interacting with influencers and linking Symbiosis Finance to AMA channels to ensure they had a much wider reach. In addition, we used Social Buzz growth campaigns, including crowd marketing on targeted crypto communities, and running remarketing traffic ads that would promote different types of posts.

One of our key marketing drivers were display and paid advertising campaigns that targeted ideal audiences in the DeFi space by creating look-alike audiences and re-targeting existing users who interacted with some of our content.

Our partnership with Symbiosis Finance was mutual, as we advised the project on how to position their PR articles, what angle to take to make an impact and ultimately provide comprehensive copywriting services to convert their website and landing page.

How much exposure did Symbiosis Finance receive in Web3 

Symbiosis Finance's social media accounts generated many new users, increasing Twitter followers to 17,000 and Telegram group members to 38,800 members who continued to communicate and become part of the community.

In addition, we created more than 60 pieces of content for social media and displayed banners that received more than 9 million impressions and more than 13,000 clicks, well above the industry standard.

Finally, during the IDO sessions we generated 0 to 11,000 visitors for the website, resulting in conversions with 1100 daily visits on Symbiosis Finance.

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