Influencer marketing for Canvas x Big Little Lies: supporting female empowerment on and off screen

January 1, 2021
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Influencer marketing for Canvas x Big Little Lies: supporting female empowerment on and off screen
When Canvas (, a popular Belgian television channel, decided to air the new season of Big Little Lies, we wanted to help them attract new viewers!

About "Big Little Lies"

If you watched the first season of "Big Little Lies," you probably couldn't wait for the sequel to finally come out this summer! The addictive American series centered around strong female characters and their intriguing secrets had tremendous success on HBO since its first season in 2017. Actresses Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley and Zoë Kravitz were brilliant in the first season. When Meryl Streep joined the cast in the second season, the quality became more exceptional and the storyline more unpredictable.

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The goal

The primary goal was to create awareness around the second season of Big Little Lies that was available for free on both online and TV Canvas channel. Raising awareness around the series was the first step toward our second goal of creating conversion, i.e. encouraging people to become VRT NU viewers. In addition, Canvas wanted to focus on further growth as the go-to channel for the best fiction while creating impact on a broader audience. In the story of Big Little Lies, feminism is a theme that remains persistent and intense. In the very beginning, the series plays with classic stereotypes of mothers and housewives, but soon reveals complex and striking characters. With this campaign, Canvas wanted to show support and raise awareness about women's empowerment. It was necessary to create a well-thought-out concept and balance between social engagement and campaign objectives.

The process

Since the goal was to raise awareness of women's empowerment, we decided to create an influencer campaign by choosing profiles who were advocates of gender equality, diversity and creativity. By defining these parameters, we were able to select influencers who would best fit the Canvas brand. It was important to find different levels of influencers, from meso (50,000 to 100,000 followers), micro (2,000-50,000 followers) to nano (500-5,000 followers), as it is easier to refine target group targeting.

We asked 16 Instagram influencers to create IG stories and posts paying tribute to strong women in their lives - women they admire and why. The idea was to show the strength of women, especially when it comes to supporting other women. The female characters in the series are completely different, but they appreciate and support each other no matter what. The main goal was to translate this energy into real-life reference.

Here are some of the influencers who supported the Big Little Lies campaign: Elien Jansen, Kaat Bollen, Romy Curvy, Looks of Lena, Ruth Van Soom, Justine Kegels, Lily Joan Roberts&mldr;

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By using the tags @BigLittleLies, @Canvastv, @VrtNU and a series of hashtags, such as #WomenEmpowerWomen #CanvasxWomenEmpowerment #BigLittleLies #CanvasxBLL and #BLLxVrtNU, the influencers created linked content that successfully generated engagement and attracted new viewers to Canvas.

The results

The project timeline ran from mid-August to early October. In three distinct phases, from awareness to conversion, the activation of the campaign followed the broadcast from August 26 to mid-September.

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Since the campaign was recently completed, it is difficult to say the long-term impact. However, the initial results were more than satisfactory! "Big Little Lies," ranked as the most popular series overall on VRT NU during the time it aired.

With the help of 16 influencers, the campaign reached 234 200 people and generated over 7 590 likes, comments and shares. No doubt Canvas and Big Little Lies will continue to inspire viewers, and we are proud to collaborate on the project that promotes values that we, at the Chase community, also consider an essential part of our DNA.

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