Inzicht: a branded podcast for EY and De Tijd on innovation and business models

January 1, 2021
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Inzicht: a branded podcast for EY and De Tijd on innovation and business models
To offer their advertisers a new point of contact and audience, we partnered with Tijd Connect to create a branded podcast.

The goal

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Our social story

Together with "Time Connect," we created the very first branded podcast for EY Belgium. "Insight" is a series of 4 episodes about innovation and digital transformation. We look for solutions, pitfalls and new business models that are fundamentally changing our society. We were very happy to cast Francesca Vanthielen as our branded podcast host. She is a well-known Belgian journalist with a lot of business expertise. Together with the Chase Creative team who recorded the scenes, sounds and outdoor interviews, she interviewed EY experts and some clients in the studio. The topics covered ranged from the role of technology in fire department interventions, illegal dumping of waste, creating better transportation and technology for insurance companies. 

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Together with Time Connect, we co-created the format and worked closely on scripting, recording, mixing and publishing. In addition to the branded podcast show development and audio production, we also advised on audience development, consulting across all owned, earned and paid channels. We guided the optimal listening experience at all touch points and put our social video creators to work creating promotional video content for web (16:9) and social ads (1:1 and 4:5).

The result

We managed to record, edit and publish all 4 episodes within a very tight time frame of 6 weeks. We published the branded podcast on all possible podcast platforms: from Apple Podcasts to Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and any podcast platform you can think of. In the first 4 weeks after launch, we topped the Belgian podcast charts in several categories. The branded podcast met the expectations of both EY and Time Connect and we managed to achieve over 75% viewer loyalty (listening time) with each episode. Check out the first episode of the four below!

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