Keep Creating: A campaign for all Flemish creators

April 23, 2024
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Keep Creating: A campaign for all Flemish creators
Vloggers, podcasters, influencers, streamers ... In short, creators are important to all of us. Undoubtedly, you too follow several creators. But the life of a creator can be a struggle sometimes.

They often feel alone, are under daily pressure to keep posting and are challenged to make a living from their passion. That's why Chase developed a campaign to show that creators are not alone. With the slogan "Keep creating," we invite everyone to support creators.

Because of creators, we spend a lot of our time every day on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, X, LinkedIn, Twitch, Facebook, Snapchat, podcasts... It is the creators who inspire us - often for nothing in return - , make us laugh, learn something,... and with whom many even build a personal bond.

Creators are the daredevils, entertainers, the storytellers. They make us dream out loud and spark conversations. Creators work hard to captivate us with daily updates and original stories.

Yet their work is not appreciated by everyone. Behind all those nice posts is often a lonely search and a lot of hard work. They face countless challenges, doubts and sometimes even hatred. Because of the influence creators make on our world, they bear a certain responsibility that you can also find in journalists, experts or sometimes even your best friends.

That is why we are now unpacking the "Keep creating" campaign. With this we want to show that we thank creators and want to motivate them to keep doing what they love despite the struggles : "to keep creating."

What do we want to achieve with this campaign?

Our goal is to strengthen the role of creators in Flanders and Brussels, as their impact on society continues to grow. We want to let creators know that they are not alone. That we understand that creating non-stop content, building a community and actually earning a living from it is really hard work. And that creators deserve respect for that.

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The power of creators

To reach as many creators in Flanders and Brussels as possible, we collaborated with motivated and talented creators from various niches, each with their own voice and audience.

Nona Van Braeckel is a vlogger and podcast creator, creating content for the StuBru TikTok and Instagram. She recently gave a workshop to our community where she talked about how to build your network as a creator.

Jordy Arthur sees fashion design and content creation as his main sources of self-expression and created an outfit inspired by the Chase Community for the campaign video.

ZicZacKitty, also known as Esther Vandenbroele, is a gaming streamer we have collaborated with on several occasions including for our CounterScam disinformation project.

Finally, there is Daniel Maeriën, better known as Bruine jongen, a comedy creator who makes us laugh daily on TikTok.

The Chase team, together with videographer Bert Kamoen and these 4 creators, created the awareness video "Hey Creator" in which they also support each other.

In addition to our creator ambassadors, Elias Verwilt, Loewi, Dikke Svekke, Ender Scholtens, Nena Schuurmans and Lola Obasuyi Van Acker are also providing additional tips for creators in the coming weeks. And finally, dozens of creators in the Chase community are also active on the Chase socials to share interesting content for creators on a weekly basis.

This campaign is made possible in part with support from the Media Department of the Flemish Community and Eastpak, in collaboration with partners deCheckers and VRT.