Lead generation quiz for Starters Factory, illustrated by Robin Velghe

January 1, 2021
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Lead generation quiz for Starters Factory, illustrated by Robin Velghe
Startersfabriek is a Ghent-based organization that helps people start their own business. They connect entrepreneurial experts who have the necessary knowledge to help them move forward.

The goal 

The main purpose of this quiz, illustrated by Robin Velghe, was to collect e-mail addresses for the newsletter.

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Our social story

To illustrate and encourage entrepreneurship, we developed a social video series. In this video series, Ghent entrepreneurs explain how they started their business. We linked these videos to a quiz that allows you to discover what type of entrepreneur you are. Before we get the results, we encourage participants to subscribe to the newsletter. Belgian illustrator Robin Velghe created the illustrations of four different entrepreneurial types. Robin Velghe, also known as Rhymezlikedimez is one of these creatives we had on our radar since we first wrote about him in 2015. What began as illustrating rappers like Rick Ross led to actual commissions for international stars. Like the music videos he did for Anderson Paak and Lil Uzi Vert. Guess what, this young artist is not only super skilled but also super professional!

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