Social impact with a creator campaign for EYCA across Europe

January 1, 2024
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Social impact with a creator campaign for EYCA across Europe
What are you lying awake because of? What changes do you want to see in the world? To engage young people with an opinion, EYCA provides a platform where they can decide what they want to focus on.

Diverse and edgy. Loud and challenging.

Young people are the future of our society. And that's why EYCA, European Youth Card Association, is engaging them in a debate. The association, which offers discounts to young people from more than 36 European countries, wants to engage them to make their mark politically and mean something in their environment. And in a way that appeals to them: on social media.

Influence in small and large numbers

But how do you convince and encourage them to get involved in social issues? Simple. By launching an influencer campaign on TikTok and Instagram, for example. And how. We provide a range of activist-influencers who already have an audience online and bring them together in this project. To truly target all European youth, we selected ambassadors from all corners of Europe-from Belgium to Bulgaria.

Their goal is clear: to make waves in the political landscape and get the issues they care about to the European Union. Every viewer and follower is also encouraged to raise an issue themselves on an online platform. Who else says you can't have influence as an individual?

It's a small world

Themes such as LGBT rights, cyberbullying and anti-racism account for 4.77M followers, a reach of 2.09M people and a lot of positive feedback. We reach our target audience in numerous European countries. This is how we reduce the distance between us and our neighboring countries and increase the sense of belonging.