Samsung becomes Gen Z's best study buddy in new YouTube campaign

December 20, 2023
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Samsung becomes Gen Z's best study buddy in new YouTube campaign
The digital generation grew up with a smartphone in their hands. They know the forgotten corners of TikTok and Instagram better than those of their own homes. They don't follow trends, they create them themselves. Anyone who wants to be innovative today really can't ignore Gen Z. And innovative, that is tech pioneer Samsung without a doubt.

Samsung's challenge: bonds with Gen-Z

That's why Samsung decided to strengthen its ties with Gen Z in the Benelux. They make products that perfectly fit the lifestyle of these digital natives. For productivity, but also to relieve stress. And that should be given more attention. Samsung's goal was to build a brand universe that Gen Z loves to be in. To create a real, authentic connection, in other words. And that's where our work began.

Our strategy: inspired by life

In order to launch a campaign that not only reaches Gen Z, but that actually appeals to them, we first had to figure out what engages this generation. How do their days look like? What do they struggle with? What is important to them?

Soon, studying became an important topic. Many Gen Z are still studying or about to graduate. They know the stress of performing at school like no other. Because those who study together or alone—both on and offline—feel the same pressure. And in that lurked potential. Because not only does Samsung have products to support students, they also think student mental health is very important. And so we made Samsung Gen Z's favorite block buddy. 

To do that, we created a campaign on Samsung's website, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, supported by paid social ads. At the base of the campaign were three different types of content.

  • We created a series of animated loops with lo-fi beats that combat stress and encourage concentration.
  • We also enlisted creators to organize group study sessions. Because studying together is not only good for productivity, it's also just a lot more sociable.
  • We also developed micro content for Reels, TikTok and Shorts, in which creators share their best study tips, hold mindfulness breaks, and motivation with Gen Z students. 

A triple threat for the blocking student. And it paid off like this.

Authenticity pays off

Because we started from the interests and needs of Gen Z, this campaign fits right into their world. By making studying a social event and by giving students the opportunity to share it with others, we forged strong, genuine bonds between creators and students. Samsung naturally came into play as well—after all, creating awareness was the goal—and so we launched targeted ads. By giving a small boost to content that was genuinely relevant to the target audience, we highlighted Samsung as a brand in an impactful way. And it worked, because after the successful campaign we were allowed to repeat it for a campaign in the Netherlands. Who would have thought that studying could be such a positive experience?


  • Strategy, concept and project management: Chase - Annelies Droesbeke, Ioni Villanueva, Hanne Van Vlaenderen
  • Talent Manager: Amir Motaffaf
  • Music Manager: Ufuk Demir
  • Animator: Aykan Umut
  • Editing: Michael Chin, Tom Desplechin