#stopmetplastic: influencer campaign for National Geographic

January 1, 2021
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#stopmetplastic: influencer campaign for National Geographic
As a social storytelling agency with a heart for social responsibility, we were pleased to create an influencer campaign for National Geographic's Flemish TV with #stopmetplastic.

The goal

The goal of the #stopwithplastic campaign was to raise awareness about one of the biggest threats to our oceans and wildlife: plastic pollution. In June 2018, Chase Creative contacted influencers to communicate this goal. Flemish-speaking Instagrammers and bloggers such as Carol Lynn, Sofie Engelen, Altaseb Van den Broeck Inge Moerenhout shared the effects of plastic pollution. They activated their community for the 8 tips and goals of the campaign.

Our social story

After the initial contact via Instagram, we activated interested creators, explained the threat of plastic pollution and provided background information. The collaboration was based entirely on their goodwill. We then approached them with suggestions on how to minimize their own plastic consumption and that of their followers. For this campaign, there was no set framework. This allowed each influencer to reach his/her followers in his/her own personal way. Selected channels were Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Facebook Feed and blog posts. In addition, National Geographic collaborated with three Belgian surf clubs in July and August. They transformed the beach into plastic-free beach cinemas and screened the documentary "From Source to Sea" by Plastic Soup Surfer Merijn Tinga. According to Nataly Guns, National Geographic's marketing and PR manager, #stopmetplastic wants to encourage everyone to reduce plastic waste by no longer using disposable plastic products." Chase Creative sent our account manager Dina Boshra and one of our digital creatives Jennifer Kesteleyn to create Instagram Stories, photos and report from the events.

The result

Because our influencers had no set framework and felt connected to the topic, the resulting posts had a strong message and engagement. 19 different social influencers enabled this #stopwithplastic campaign:

  • 498.3K people to reach
  • 74.7K views to be generated
  • Have a total engagement of 8,394 likes, comments and shares

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