Strategic Positioning via TikTok: Compeed introduces skincare products

January 25, 2024
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Strategic Positioning via TikTok: Compeed introduces skincare products
Anyone who thinks of blisters thinks of Compeed. But the brand also wants to be top-of-mind for those who suddenly wake up with a pimple on the chin. So they are developing the Compeed® Anti-Imperfection line with two skin imperfection products to save any situation.

Pimple? Patch. 

Compeed would like to reach young adults who suffer from pimples, blackheads and blemishes. The anti-imperfection patches protect, soothe and cleanse the skin. But do people link Compeed to anything other than blisters? The challenge: to market Compeed as a skincare brand.

The goal was clear: to increase brand awareness among young adults and successfully launch the anti-imperfection patches in the local market. This demand brought Compeed to Chase.

Just when Victoria is due for a video recording marathon, that one pimple rears its head! Luckily, the Compeed Anti-Imperfection patches are her life-saver. No worries, camera ready in no time! 🎥🌟 #AntiImperfections #SkincareSecrets #ClearSkinJourney #PatchPerfection #SkinSolutions #BeautyHacks #Beautytips #SkinCareEssentials

♬ original sound - Compeed BE

Compeed meets Chase Creators

Chase was in charge of the total package from A to Z with one goal in mind: TikTok-first videos. No 'cliche advertising' but authentic and compelling content. We come up with great ideas, do location scouting, select suitable creators with diversity in mind, write out scripts and assemble a film crew. We translate well-scoring TikTok formats into Compeed's branding and we 'Dutchify' it for the right audiences. With appropriate captions, hashtags and emoji of course. In short, we provide a lot of beautiful content on the favourite social media platform of young people. And that should be seen.

The creator selection process here is crucial. We feature niche creators with a small but loyal community, who do not necessarily have 'the perfect skin'. The focus is on authenticity and recognition: we work with UGC creators. Each creator makes their own content at home and we organise scripted shoots in collaboration with those creators. The result is a strong strategy with varied, recognisable and credible videos where, as a viewer, you think, "Wow, they understand me!".

Take care of blemishes and hide them at the same time? 🤯 Yes, the Compeed® Anti-Imperfection patches do it all. 🔒 Beauty's best kept secret. Be sure. 🤫 #ImpureSkin #ClearSkin #BeautySecret #Compeed

♬ original sound - Compeed BE

Strong content 🤝🏼 strong paid strategy

POVs, behind-the-scenes, honest reviews and more. We create content and keep creating. Enough videos to stay active on Compeed's TikTok channel for as many as four months. And done successfully, because thanks to the impact of the authentic creator content, we managed to make a bigger impact with a smaller advertising budget: our videos reached a modest 10M profiles, and got close to 15M video views and tens of thousands of engagement.

That proves it: killer content and a strong paid strategy go hand in hand!

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