VLAIO helps your business get on track after Brexit

April 4, 2023
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VLAIO helps your business get on track after Brexit
VLAIO, the point of contact for entrepreneurs in Flanders, came to Chase with the request to set up an advertising campaign. The goal: to support small and large entrepreneurs in Belgium who are not yet familiar with the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR).

BAR is a financial contribution for companies in EU member states, regions and sectors affected by the adverse consequences of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit). By supporting adjustments within business processes, Flemish entrepreneurs can continue to do business with peace of mind.

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  • Develop a strategy that appeals to Flemish entrepreneurs.
  • Making Flemish entrepreneurs realize that trading in and with the UK is still worthwhile.
  • Getting Flemish entrepreneurs to smoothly find their way to submitting an application to the Brexit Adjustment Reserve team at Vlaio.
  • Making the message around BAR clear and inviting.
  • Making concrete the strengths of the program and the opportunities of the companies.
  • Increase awareness of Flemish Government support for entrepreneurs working with the UK.
  • Inform decision makers in the Flemish business community of the potential of the program.
  • Focus on the sectors where the "UK challenges" are greatest.
  • Persuade Flemish C-levels and SMEs to contact the counter and/or apply directly.


  • A funnel for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google that eases the way to the BAR form and team.
  • Social videos on Facebook and LinkedIn through which we aim to reach (awareness) entrepreneurs within 4 sectors: agri-food, logistics, retail and tourism.
  • Retargeting ads in the form of photo carousels with a call-to-action to the landing page.
  • Tracking of who came to the landing page after searching relevant keywords searched through Google.
  • 40% more file requests within a 3-month campaign period.
  • We reached nearly 700,000 entrepreneurs, collected 4.2 million impressions and achieved the highest engagement (the best views with the longest viewing) especially on LinkedIn.

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Scripting: An Selschotter

Videographer: Ruben Van Wonterghem

Content Creator + Copy: Michael Chin

Traffic Manager: Cas Lambrechts

Team lead: Annelies Droesbeke

Team BAR, VLAIO - Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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