Work fun here: Chase puts Tempo-Team on TikTok

May 13, 2024
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Work fun here: Chase puts Tempo-Team on TikTok
Ready for a new career and looking for a new job? At Tempo-Team, they understand what's important to you: a job at your size and pace, as well as meaningful and meaningful work. And now one of the largest HR service providers wants to start TikTok. Chase to the rescue.

A good startup 

TikTok, a social beast that is not easily tamed. And certainly not by big companies. Because how do you turn your workplace into a space that both millennials and Generation Z are eager for? And can you do engage both audiences with the same content?

To provide the startup on TikTok and boost Tempo-Team's image, we are happy to help. We also compete for more job seekers to find their way to Tempo-Team and register. That way Tempo-Team can smoothly help them find a new job. Because finding a new start in your career is not always easy. So bet on TikTok, attract the right target groups and ensure more registrations. Challenge accepted.


Devine le métier ! Quel métier est représenté ? 🔎 Mets tes meilleures propositions en commentaires #devinelemétier #typiquementtempoteam #tempoteambelgium

♬ Notice Me - Guchi & Loud Behaviour

The language of young adults 

How can you attract the future of our economy to TikTok? Create content they want to see. No dances or cringe-talks with CEOs, but original formats that create engagement-both online and in real life. Authentic, relatable and above all not too serious.

We give existing concepts a Tempo-Team flair and come up with new ideas we don't see anywhere else. A Q&A session with handy job interview tips from a grab bag-yes, the Tempo-ton, which makes their profile the go-to for questions and answers about work-and formats that show the difference between millennials and Gen Z in the workplace, for example. Or how about situations where you happen to dress the same as your colleague? Fun, guaranteed at Tempo-Team.

"At Tempo-Team we had been exploring for some time how we could use TikTok reinforcing to create awareness among our 'youth' target audience. We like refreshing ideas and ditto approach. Within that picture, Chase fit perfectly..."

If we want it to be fun and interactive at the same time, we make videos where the viewer guesses someone's job. Content for full engagement in an easy and accessible way. Humor also appeals and therefore we give recognizable work situations a funny twist. Yes, it's all possible. And in both Dutch and French and with the agency's nicest employees. This way we give Tempo-Team a renewed image: that the HR service provider makes more than enough room to be both informative and fun. Anyone looking for work and visiting them will experience this firsthand. And this is how we ensure that "team" in the name is no lie.


Start the week with emoji moods! Let us know what your Monday morning looks like. 😅🌈 #TypicalTempoTeam #TempoTeamBelgium #monthday #mondaymorning #monthdayonwork #work mood

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Pace behind Tempo-Team 

There is momentum behind Tempo-Team's profile on the popular social medium. With brilliance and glow, because our videos are fetching a lot of engagement. This is how we help Tempo-Team achieve solid employer branding and encourage job seekers to find their way to one of its 65 offices.

Like this. A job behind the computer or on the assembly line, they have every potential to be a dream place and as a business, you can and should definitely cut loose. Especially if you want to reach young people with it. You don't need a certificate for that. What you do need is the right approach. Just put that in your next cover letter.