Create your own podcast: in 5 steps from idea to episode

December 16, 2021
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Create your own podcast: in 5 steps from idea to episode
Chase colleague Pieter recently released a book on podcasting. "Create your own podcast: In 5 Steps from Idea to Episode" is a comprehensive guide for both novice and experienced podcast creators!

How to podcast? Be sure to ask Pieter Blomme, our talented colleague, podcast maker, and now author of his book, co-written with Eva Moeraert.

  • The clothes make the man. But what makes a good podcast host?
  • What role do you have as a presenter?
  • What is a good podcast workflow?
  • How do you market your podcast?
  • And what do a hamburger and a podcast have in common?

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You'll find the answers in the book "Creating your own podcast: In 5 steps from idea to episode". It's a guide for aspiring podcast creators, and experienced storytellers, who want to delve into the art of strong audio storytelling. Pieter and Eva share their process of trial-and-error and provide tips for building a good workflow. They also provide the necessary tools to deliver a beautifully finished podcast from start-to-finish. Define your target audience, build your skillset as a podcast host, and create a great story through strong storytelling and interesting interviews.

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